Daquan A. Smith

Message From The 2nd Vice 7th District Representative

All praises to the supreme Grand Basileus. Brothers of The Mighty 7th District I welcome you all with a warm open heart and christian brotherly love.  

I am elated in becoming the Mighty 7th District’s newly elected 2nd Vice District Representative. I am truly honored and blessed to be under the great leadership of the 24th 7th District Representative Brother Reginald Harris. It’s humbling to know you all have chosen me to further the longevity of Omega, the 7th District undergraduate body and a district that truly embodies the enthusiasm of Omega. My aim within this position is to help improve the perception, professionalism, and communication of the undergraduate body to help further us into our future careers and fruition as Omega men in our daily lives. Although I am in this position I seek to do more besides the means of my position in any way possible to further our beloved fraternity. I am openly available whenever there is a concern or just to dwell in friendship.

As you all may be aware, we are in the midst of great social and medical disparities ranging from protests, systemic injustices and COVID-19. The world is constantly changing day in and day out causing our perspectives and procedures to change as well. This translates to new ideals and policies that will influence our great fraternity’s adaptability and the traditional courses of action that once took place. There is full faith bestowed not only upon me but also the executive council that we will triumph in these troubling times by reforming and introducing more efficient ways to accomplish goals set forward which have been concurrently displayed.

I personally want to thank you all for keeping Omega so fluently close to your heart and its business a top-priority despite the occurrences of the world. I wholeheartedly ask that you stay protected and follow guidelines set forth by the CDC by utilizing masks and practicing social distancing. Let’s continue to set the tone within our communities, reach out to our brothers and simply live our creed as our founders would want.

Fraternally Yours,

Brother Daquan A. Smith
2nd Vice District Representative
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.