Support Staff

Assistant to District Representative

Ben Hill
Chi Gamma Gamma
(404) 259-6630 (cell)

Assistant to District Keeper of Records and Seal


Assistant to District Keeper of Finance


Assistant to District Counselor


Assistant to Inspector General


7th District Directory

W. Frank Wilson
Eta Omicron
(229) 439-2368 (cell)


Registration and IT

Shannon Lott
Beta Mu Nu
(205) 200-2985 (cell)


James Devine
Kappa Alpha Alpha
(404) 312-0029 (cell)

Time and Place Support

Bruce Reese
Rho Alpha
(251) 421-7746 (cell)

Time and Place Support

Kareem Miller
Chi Gamma Gamma
(770) 805-0769 (cell)

See it Through Foundation

Robert Holmes
Alpha Phi
(205) 873-1284 (cell)