Standing Committees

Community & Civic Affairs

Terrence Platt
Rho Alpha
(404)964-1625 (cell)

History and Archives

Jerry "Pete" Peterson
Iota Upsilon
(228)918-0624 (cell)


Trenton Merideth
Eta Omega
(404) 513-9576 (cell)

Public Relations

Melvin Hodge
Beta Alpha
(601)214-7225 (cell)

Bylaws & Rules

William W Bartley III
Gamma Nu
(321)693-6546 (cell)

Social Action

Melvin Davis, Sr.
Eta Nu
(954)261-0870 (cell)

Ways and Means

Edwin Dale Smith
Chi Gamma Gamma
(404)216-2576 (cell)

Medical and Health Initiatives

Kevin Pruitt
Chi Tau
(407) 902-8607 (cell)

Conflict Resolution

Ray Shoemaker
Omega Mu Mu
(662) 678-3290 (cell)